An interactive seminar on disruptive workplace trends 

We're passionate about uncovering workplace trends that will impact the way we’ll work in the future, so that you can future-proof your business. Join our panel of workplace experts as they present their top 5 predictions for the future workplace in an interactive panel discussion in Seattle. Our thought-leaders will share their strategies, ideas, trends, and more as we help you tackle the disruptive changes you're likely to be faced with.

You'll be participating through our interactive platform, answering questions that will help shape the
conversation in real time. Each discussion topic will be 15 minutes long and there'll be time for networking at the end.
So, here's what we predict:- 
  1. Change readiness is key to success
  2. Unearthing drivers for employee experience - what can we apply from hospitality and retail
  3. Private offices are making a comeback
  4. Kindness is good for big business
  5. AI is a good disruptor

Find out a little more about each topic and learn about our panel below.


Preparing for change
Change management solutions are not a one plan fits all. They can be tricky to navigate, much like any situation that requires people to break from their habits and routines and embrace a new way of operating. Preparing for workplace change is an essential part of the journey to minimise disruption and maximize the opportunity to impact culture and operations for the better. We explore change management strategies to find the top solutions for success.

Unearthing drivers of employee experience 

With coffee shops, coworking spaces and working remotely from home as an enticing option to save time and money, why go to the office at all? Nowadays, the necessity of presence in the office is obsolete and the workplace is suffering from a lack of collaboration, company culture and productivity. We believe the workplace needs to take note from the hospitality industry to create moments that engage and maximise employee experience. During this session we'll talk about trends affecting the workplace experience and how hospitality has more common with the workplace than you think!   

Open vs. Closed - are private offices making a comeback?

The shift from private offices to open offices has long been a topic of hot debate. Do open offices do what they're intended to do - increase productivity, collaboration, and innovation? Many argue that the open office concept causes more disruption and higher employee unhappiness. In roles like software engineering, there is an increasing demand for closed focus space. We'll debate where the disconnect is coming from, creating the right environment for your people, and the ever present question: are private offices better?    

AI In the workplace - friend or foe?

AI in the workplace has the potential to improve productivity, efficiency, safety and accuracy. An AI-driven workplace shift will result in new jobs and required skill sets to support the enhancements in technology. We examine the workplace of the future, designing for jobs that haven't been invented and support new technologies without while maintaining workplace experience. 

Wellness in the workplace is big business

The emergence of wellness and sustainability in the workplace has surged. Businesses are using health and wellness as an asset to attract, retain, and engage employees to contribute to higher productivity and profitability. Together, we’ll look at wellness and sustainability trends and concepts, creating workplace differentiators, and ideas for enhancing workplace culture.

About the speakers

Albert DePlazaola: Global Director, Strategy 

Albert is a strategy consultant with extensive experience in design and change strategies. He moves beyond the typical design thinking and user-centric approaches to explore how organizations can foster greater overall responsiveness, adaptability and innovation.

Sam Sahni: Regional Principal, Strategy Europe  

Based in London, Sam is highly experienced within the consulting and construction industry. Sam's knowledge comes from exposure to a variety of sectors including Finance, FMCG, Real Estate, and Engineering.

Nathan Sri: Principal, Strategy Asia Pacific  

Nathan brings years of acquired knowledge as a workplace transformation subject matter. Nathan has led transformational projects involving 30,000 + employees and offers an in depth understanding of change management and a dedicated focus on people centered outcomes. 

Dean Rikanovic: Regional Principal, Design Europe 

Dean is driven by a passion to craft progressive and innovative workplace design solutions for businesses around the world. He has practiced all over the globe, working on award winning projects for clients like, Woodside, ServiceNow, Microsoft and Takeda. 

Mat Xavier: Senior Associate, Strategy Americas 

Mathew is a workplace strategist focused on connecting business goals with space design. He has worked extensively with law firms, and has over 20 years experience in strategic consulting, project management and architecture across the United States. 

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