Delivering a successful and sustainable workplace through change management


November 2020
8:00am - 9:30am


Location to be announced

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How can you implement a successful workplace transformation when faced with disruption?

Mergers and acquisitions, restructures, business growth, and low vacancy rates are just some of the catalysts for change in the workforce.

The key to a successful workplace transformation program not only involves taking the time to do the proper research but engaging the right stakeholders at the right time. As leaders in Technology, Real Estate, Facilities Management and Human Resources, understand how a change management program can help you navigate your workplace journey.

Key takeaways: 

  • Why change management is a critical part of an effective workplace transformation
  • Strategies and ideas for your next change program
  • Establishing an environment to reinforce and support change
  • Case studies that demonstrate what success looks like
About the speaker

Nathan Sri: Principal, Strategy

Nathan brings years of acquired knowledge as a workplace transformation subject matter expert. Nathan has led transformation projects involving 30,000+ employees and offers an in-depth understanding of change management and a dedicated focus on people-centered outcomes.
With many organisations struggling with workplace change, Nathan believes success lies in being able to break old habits by spending time retraining staff to think and behave differently.