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How to Better Promote Wellness in the Workplace
Details to be announced

With the majority of companies looking to invest in better wellness in the workplace in 2020, how can you make sure your company cares for its people and receives a good return on investment? In this event, we'll be looking at:

  • Bringing your people together for better mental health
  • Gamification of wellness - incentivising better wellness
  • Reducing absent rates due to workplace stress and physical health
  • The most important features and experiences that matter to staff
  • Case studies that demonstrate what success looks like

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About the speakers

Natasha Bonugli: Regional Principal, Design

With 16 years of global experience, Natasha was trained as an architect and has spent most of her career focusing on the designing and delivery of interior projects of all scales. 

Justin Conceicao: Principal, Strategy

Justin is a specialist in the evolution of corporate workplaces. Having delivered exciting workplaces across APAC and Europe, his global perspective on trends is key to driving exceptional customer and user experience.